Dutch made coil springs for the independent aftermarket

APEX product management

Reduce inventory, increase coverage

APEX offers a replacement spring catalog that covers the majority of vehicles-in-operation with only 1.500 references. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to do much more with a lot less. This is it.

APEX Private label

Built, branded and ready to go

In addition to smart product management, we offer excellent private label solutions that are used by some of the world’s biggest names in replacement springs. Your own label can be ready to go in under 90 days.

Made in Holland

A quality product

From raw material to finished product; APEX has long set an industry standard for high quality replacement and lowering springs and we do it all right here in the heart of Holland.


We respond within 24h

Whether you’re interested in a specific type of spring, optimizing your catalog or starting a private label program: count on us to get it done. Contact us today to get started.

We know springs, so you don’t have to

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