APEX replacement springs: Made in Holland.

All shapes,

sizes and applications

APEX manufactures OE quality replacement springs for nearly every type of light vehicle. Thanks to expert product management, APEX springs are offered in an easy-to-use parts program that covers the majority of the market. This allows clients to work with lean stock levels that satisfy demand efficiently.

APEX private label

Built, branded and ready to go

In addition to smart product management, we offer excellent private label solutions that are used by some of the world’s biggest names in replacement springs. Your own label can be ready to go in under 90 days.

Why choose APEX?

  • Expert advice
    Count on APEX product managers for expert advice on how to structure your parts program.
  • Get organized
    OE, internal or aftermarket: we know exactly which part number goes where to help you get organized.
  • Increase returns
    Reducing stock without compromising the ability to satisfy demand is key in maximizing profitability.
  • Full spectrum
    From raw material to ready-to-ship coil spring: APEX carries responsibility for each step in the process.


asked questions

Yes, APEX replacement springs are built using a 5-step production process that starts with CrSi – CrVa alloy steel and ends with a powder coated spring that is ready for use. A combination of annealing, shot peening, corrosion protection and coating makes sure any APEX spring is equal to or better than an OE equivalent. Stringent manufacturing and quality standards apply throughout the process.

That’s just one option. APEX can base a production run on OEM samples, market information, technical drawings or one of the 5000 references in the APEX database.

If there is one thing APEX product managers excel at it is assisting clients in making this assessment. Reducing stock without compromising the ability to satisfy demand is key in maximizing profitability. Whether it means cleaning up your current catalog or assisting in the creation of something entirely new, we can help you fill the gaps while trimming excess weight.

In most cases it takes no longer than three or four weeks for a shipment of replacement springs to reach a client.

A completely new private label program can be up and running within three months, meaning there are only 90 days between the initial inquiry and the first actual shipment of fully branded springs. Contact us for options if you need something in a shorter time frame.

In keeping with the characteristics of the actual product, APEX prides itself on a certain degree of flexibility. You have the option of ordering small, medium or large sized production runs with very sensible margins in each case.

Yes, you have the option of either receiving your order in bulk or having us package each set of springs individually. Naturally, the bulk option saves on shipping and packaging costs.

Every APEX spring comes with a full 24-month warranty.

Made in Holland

A quality product

From raw material to finished product; APEX has long set an industry standard for high quality replacement springs and we do it all right here in the heart of Holland.


We respond within 24h

Whether you’re interested in a specific type of spring, optimizing your catalog or starting a private label program: count on us to get it done. Contact us today to get started.

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